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Co2 Cartridges UK is the UK’s number one supplier of Co2 powered cartridges. We have a range of Co2 Cartridges in stock, ranging from 8g soda beer chargers to 16g threaded and non-threaded cartridges for beer machines and tyre inflators up to 500g For aquarium use.

All of our prices include free next working day delivery UK nationwide + Saturday delivery if needed at no extra cost. Order before 15:00 Monday to Friday and receive your order the very next day.

We exclusively carry the best-in-class Co2 cartridges from manufacturers who specialise in producing Co2 Cartridges for the automotive, aviation & marine industries for Airbags, Life rafts, Life jackets to name a few. We guarantee the quality of the products we sell. You can be assured of receiving the best products, With the best delivery service at the best prices, As standard with all orders.

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16g Co2 for beer dispenser

Co2 Cartridges for beer dispensers

Buy 16g Co2 cartridges for all beer dispensers that require a 16g Non threaded Co2 Cartridge. 

Our 16g non threaded Co2 cartridges food grade are filled with 16g of 99.9% pure Co2 and can be used in any beer dispenser or keg that requires a 16g non threaded Co2 cartridge.

Always the lowest prices Guaranteed.

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16g Co2 Cartridges (Threaded & Non Threaded)

£99.99 inc VAT + Free next day delivery

16 Co2 cartridges threaded

16g Threaded Co2 cartridges 300pcs

£139.99 inc VAT + Free next day delivery
£16.99£46.99 inc VAT + Free next day delivery
£14.99£43.99 inc VAT + Free next day delivery

Co2 Cartridges for Aquarium

CO2 cartridges are used to provide carbon dioxide (CO2) to aquarium plants. The CO2 gas dissolves in the water and provides a source of carbon for the plants, which helps them to grow.

We have 3 types of Co2 Cartridges for Fish Tank Co2 Systems; 45g, 95g & 500g.


Co2 Cartridges for Aquarium / Fish tank Co2 systems

Co2 Cartridges for soda water

These Co2 cartridges make it simple to make fizzy drinks and soda water, and they’re a fantastic way to broaden your beverage possibilities.

We sell food-grade CO2 cartridges for all regular soda siphons and SodaStream drink makers – at the lowest prices!

Co2 Cartridges for soda makers

£8.99£30.99 inc VAT + Free next day delivery

425g Co2 cartridges (SodaStream)

425g Co2 cartridge for SodaStream

£19.99£169.69 inc VAT + Free next day delivery